2 Surprising Ways Document Management Protects Your Business

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Document management boasts many benefits that have changed the way today's businesses operate. From online file access anywhere to massive savings of space and cost of paper resources, going paperless is one of the best things that has happened to the workplace.

There's another side to the benefits that aren't always mentioned, which is security, protection, and compliance. Document management can provide additional security for files by including password protection and access restriction. This is just the beginning, however.

3 Things to Consider about Printer Repair Before You Buy

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Planning to upgrade your printer soon? Before you get a new machine, check out the repair system for any equipment you have your eye on. Although repair is not what you think about as you buy a new piece of equipment, it’s prudent to realise that at some point you will need repairs, and you want to have an idea of how smooth the system will run.

The Users Guide for Selecting the Perfect MFP

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A multifunction copier (MFP) includes features that are cost efficient and increase productivity. Before purchasing a machine, it’s important to understand the functions available, which features are priorities for your company, and finally to do diligent research to ensure you select the best machine.


4 Time Saving Benefits of Document Management

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Document management is an essential tool in today’s office environment. Digital documents and an online workflow can save time and money in every department in your organization. Going paperless is necessary to keep up with technology and make any business more productive.

Is Managed Print Worth the Investment?

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If you’re considering a new business investment, you must evaluate the pros and cons of all options. You want to pay for a service that is critical to keeping your business competitive and avoid contributing to a service you don’t need. The goal is to ensure your company has all the right tools and strategies to move forward and leap ahead of the competition.

Managed print services are an essential company investment critical to updating operations. Are you wondering if it’s right for your business?

Boost Employee Productivity with This Simple Update

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It’s already apparent that we are all working on the go. Employees work from home, while traveling for a job, and sometimes while commuting to the office. You may even be reading this on your mobile phone now. It’s time to match the office workflow with your employees’ work style to see productivity skyrocket.

What’s the secret to making it easier to work from anywhere? Make it mobile!

Here are some top mobile options available today:

3 Essential Considerations to Get the Right Multifunction Printer


Stepping up to buy a multifunction printer (MFP) is a significant investment for an office. You want to get the right machine for your office tasks and not look back. Make sure you’re getting the most for your money and not missing a step by following these three critical notes for updating to an MFP.


4 Ways Document Management Will Save Your Business Money

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Document management is an ideal solution for the modern office environment. Switching from paper operations to digital has never been easier, but some companies are reluctant to make the change.

If you question the benefits of investing in document management, you may not know about the savings benefits available today.

Here's how document management can save your business money:

1 Simple Way to Reduce at Least 30% of Office Waste

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Office waste reduction is an ongoing process for many companies. Often, businesses turn to recycling and outflow to reduce the amount of rubbish. However, one of the largest areas of waste in business is paper – up to 30% of print projects are never collected from the printer, creating a large stream of paper waste.

Paper waste has a direct impact on the company financially. Between purchasing reams of paper and investing in a high-quality toner, this issue can cost a lot of money over a short period.

Minimize Printer Downtime With Preventative Maintenance

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Your printers and multifunction systems are directly connected to workplace efficiency. When these systems go down, it's difficult to keep projects moving forward.

Regular maintenance is critical to minimize disruptions to your business processes. Read on for some tips to maximise printer uptime.

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