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Unmasking the True Cost of Printing

Even though an average of 2% of annual revenues are consumed with office printing, most companies have no idea how much they are spending to operate their fleet of laser printers. Most costs associated with printing go unaudited and most organisations spend far more in print reproduction than they realise.
Print reproduction is expensive. In fact, it might be more expensive than you realise. There are three keys areas of cost in print reproduction. They are toner and supplies, maintenance and inefficiencies in printer usage.

Advancements in Managed Print Services

 Over the last 10 years, many new tools have come to market that offer advantages to both office equipment dealers and their customers. Office equipment dealers have worked diligently to collect and manage the data from collection tools developed by companies such as Print Fleet, PrintAudit and FMAudit. Without these key technologies, management of these various print devices would be a very manual process and it would be difficult to realise cost benefits of effectively managing print devices on the network.

Improve the Security of Your Data!

There is a security threat lurking in your business right now and you may not even be aware of it. Your office copiers and multifunction printing devices have the ability to scan and store documents so they can be retrieved down the road without need for the original document. While this is a very convenient feature for most, if left unchecked when the equipment leaves your office, it can quickly become a serious security risk.

Managed Print Services, A Basic Rundown

 Most organisations underestimate the total cost of print production by as much as 50%. According to a recent Gartner Group study, organisations can spend as much as 3% of their total annual revenue on document output. Very often, those organisations will find that the majority of the output is from laser printers. Those costs range from toner and parts to service labor and network management. The real challenge is that most organisations do not understand how to measure or manage these costs.

Do Inkjet Cartridges Really Need Replaced?

Everyone has had that home printer that seems to miraculously run out of ink every other month even though you rarely use it. While this doesn't apply quite as fittingly to large scale office printers, smaller or home printers are affected by this continually. It can be difficult to tell how much ink you actually have left in the cartridges and how much you need to finish a printing job. It may seem like you just replaced the cartridge and somehow you are getting warnings flashing when you print something that cartridge ink is low.

Interesting Advancements in Printing Technology

Since the dawn of the printer, there have been continual advancements in technology that continue to make our lives easier, faster and more reliable. These advancements have taken shape in both hardware, software and through other avenues like machine memory and security. Well some of the newest print technology is here.
Solidoodle has just introduced the world's first 3-d printer that costs under $500. While this may not apply to your office or replace your document printer by any means, it is still an interesting advancement that shows what we are capable of.

Is a Cheap Printer Worth It?

When you are in the market for a new printing device, there are many things to consider before making a purchase decision. There are many options out there for different types of printers with various quality, speeds and functions. It is important to know what you are signing you and your employees up for when purchasing office equipment.

Print From Your Smart Phone

With the continuous advancement in print technology, phones and electronic capabilities in general, we are now able to do a lot more on the go. We used to only have internet at the office, now all we have to do is reach into our pockets to check email, or send reports. Printer drivers used to be a nightmare of options and settings. Now, drivers have standards and are generally pretty easy to install and use.

Get More Efficient In Your Office

With the business world always evolving, progressing and moving, it is essential that your office operate efficiently. Without being effective with time, money and energy, a business will surely fall behind and get lost in the shuffle of today's high speed world. When considering the operations of your office, here are a few services that may help it be more efficient.

More Supplementary Benefits of Document Management

In a previous article, we talked about some benefits to having a document management system that weren't the usual advantages. These include reducing costs, creating a more manageable document storage system, being more green and enabling more teamwork in your organisation. These are the typical benefits and there are some other supplementary advantages we will cover in this article.
Disaster recovery and an increased competitive edge were discussed in the last article. Here are the additional supplementary benefits we will discuss in this post.