3 Ways to Introduce Managed Print to Your Employees

Managed print is a service known to drive success within a business. It increases productivity through the analysis of your printing practices and monitoring of your supplies and equipment. Once you have decided to implement managed print you need to consider how to introduce it within your offices. The more qualified and informed your employees are the more positive results you will see.

Tell Them Why It Matters

When first introducing managed print to your business, emphasize the outcomes you are looking for. You can begin by explaining how cost savings are a priority. When a business has more control over the amount of documents they print and the supplies they use, the more they can improve profits. On a larger scale, you can also let your employees know that by implementing managed print you will be able to reduce your impact on the environment. You may find that you can downsize your printer fleet resulting in less use of energy to multiple machines.

What It Means For Their Team

Have people look at their departments or teams to think about their printing habits. What kind of documents are they printing and who is printing what. Self-reflection will allow employees to piece together how to improve their workflow through the reduction of unnecessary of printing.

Improving Customer Service

Lastly, the best way to introduce managed print to your employees is to explain how they will be able to focus more on customer service. Instead of focusing on company printing practices and tracking of supplies, managed print will free up the time to focus on projects and interaction with clients.

Ready to Get Started?

You know managed print helps evaluate the efficiency of your printer fleet while tightening printing practices within your office, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out how we can help you get started.