Cleaning Your MFP

Consider the size of your office and how many people come in contact with your multi-function printer (MFP). Not only is it used at high capacity it sees a lot of physical traffic. To extend the life of your MFP, read how regular maintenance and cleaning can go a long way.

Cleaning the Exterior

All screens should be treated with a lint free cloth to remove fingerprints and stains. Dirty glass can also affect print quality by slowing down the response of the machine to selections made on the screen. Instead of applying liquid directly to a display, spray it on the lint-free cloth first to prevent damage. Don’t forget to wipe down the white document lid backing where dust can accumulate as well.

An MFP is a communal area that can harbour germs. Regular cleaning will also prevent the spread of illness around the office.

Why Keeping Your Printer Clean Is Important

If you’ve noticed that your print jobs are light or spotty, you may have a clogged print head. Each printer will have different protocols for how to clean printing heads and may depend on the software. You can follow step-by-step instructions to restore your printing quality. Build up of toner and dust particles can also cause print-quality problems which cleaning modes can help prevent and correct.

If you’ve run into the problem of your automatic document feeder (ADF) having trouble feeding documents it may need cleaning as well. Wipe with a small damp cloth, and it should help correct the problem.

Steady Productivity

You can fix common printing issues on your own with a little cleaning. If you find that your printer still isn’t working, try these solutions. An MFP in the office handles a lot of work and only needs a little maintenance to run steady. If you are looking to add an MFP to your office, contact us today.