The Cost of Overlooking Document Security

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Document security can be understood in many ways, considering electronic documents and hard copy documents. However, your workflow operates, being aware of potential hacks and security issues is essential for your business to function.

When a breach occurs, the effects ripple out to the entire office - from IT to marketing to administration, all departments are impacted by hacks. Not to mention the customers who may have data stolen, and the resulting blow to the company and brand reputation.

Why Prioritise Document Security?

The costs of ignoring this potential risk are enormous. Expenses can include:

Legal Issues - lawsuits and countersuits get expensive fast

Customer Distrust or Loss of Business - one of the primary issues; customers and clients will leave your business and go elsewhere if they don't trust you

Loss of Intellectual Property - an irreplaceable cost

PR Costs - to help address the initial leaks

Marketing and Rebranding - to overcome the reputation impacts

What Are Some Security Solutions?

Many businesses offer managed IT, managed print, and other document solutions that can increase security.

One of the best ideas is to do a security audit with your office equipment provider. Ensure that all your devices - from multifunction printers to copiers to network connections - are safe and protected.

Then, select which monitored options are best for you. Your business partner can help choose from various options, but the best way to immediately address document security is to invest in managed print services.

Managed Print: The Secure Answer

Managed print will organise your office security in an understandable way that includes automated procedures and regulations for employees to see the significant impact of document security.

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