Does Managed Print Really Save Money?

save money

Office Copiers and Printers always seem expensive up front, but paying less for a cheaper multifunction printer can cost more in the long run. Getting a good deal on a printer means looking ahead at the overall costs over time, not just buying the cheapest product you can find.

Costs that Add Up

Surprisingly, print costs that are the most expensive include purchasing ink and other supplies, in addition to repairs, which can be costly and often ineffective.

Print costs that ruin a realistic budget include:

  • Individual desktop devices
  • Inefficient supply ordering
  • Confusing service contacts
  • Unsecured printing

The above inefficiencies may not seem like they cost too much at first. However, they create a chaotic print environment that is not standardised. This creates additional costs in supply ordering, device repair, and IT troubleshooting as there is no oversight to manage the print strategy.

Also, individual devices can lapse print security policies, putting employees, clients, and the company at risk for data hacks and breaches. Security can be an enormous cost in the long run, so adding this as a critical priority is essential when planning your print environment.

Managed print helps to streamline issues and be more proactive about printing as an essential part of office operations.

Create a Print Strategy

First of all, assess the printing mechanics, habits, and structure in your office. How many devices are used, and for what purpose?

Then, strategise how to minimise your print fleet, use multifunction devices, and share the costs of printing across the organisation.

Understand total cost of ownership for all devices, from repair to replacement to service and supplies, etc.

Get Started

Finally, contact Newcastle Business Technology Group to create a print management solution. Print management can answer the above questions, consolidate pricing, integrate devices, and even strategise employee print habits.

Managed print will ultimately save your company a lot of money through increased efficiency and understanding of print costs.