Lease or Buy? 3 Things to Consider


Before purchasing a new printer or multifunction copier, know that there are various options out there for business that want to do a little research to get the best deal.

One great opportunity is to rent the equipment - commonly known as a operating lease, instead of buying it. Leasing is right for many companies, while buying may still make sense to others. To understand which is right for you, read below for workflow and equipment use practices to consider.

Upgrade Timelines

Some businesses can wait out a few updates before they need to join in with the latest technology. But more and more organisations today need to stay on track with every update and new feature so that they don't fall behind and also to keep clients engaged.

Staying relevant in your industry is essential to building your business, so knowing if you need to upgrade consistently - which would be a good reason to lease - or not will help you decide how to proceed.

Can You Afford Cost Up Front or Over Time

Purchasing a printer involves a considerable cost up front, which can be a barrier for smaller businesses. However, based on your budget and cash flow, if paying monthly for a lease makes more sense for you, the option is available and simple to set up.

Evaluate Printer Repair Costs

Printer repair can be a hassle for many companies, making leasing a better option if you want this to be off your plate and written into the contract. Many companies offer comprehensive, simple printer repair plans though as well if you know that buying is in your future.

Newcastle Business Technology Group Can Help

Still wondering if leasing or buying is the best option for your business? Newcastle Business Technology Group has a multitude of options available.

The experts with NBTG can identify which solutions work best for you, and coordinate next steps. Get in touch today to get started.