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Oki Pro 7411WT - White Toner Graphic Arts Printer

01 June 2016 – OKI, a global manufacturer of business printers and multifunction devices, continues to deliver innovation for creative businesses with the latest addition to the OKI Pro Series group of products – the new Pro7411WT white toner A4 printer.

OKI was the first to release a colour A4 printer capable of printing white.  The Pro7411WT is the latest product that embodies this capability, where the conventional CMYK configuration replaced by CMY plus a white toner (CMY+W).   All colours, printed including any black images are reproduced using a composite of CMY toners.   A white toner is then added when needed to support the production of transfer materials, transparent signage and labelling materials (such as bottle, jar and food packaging labels) as well as white on dark media.

Apart from conventional paper printing capabilities, the Pro7411WT is ideal for printing on transparent media. The white layer behind CMY images enables colours to stand out. Furthermore, selecting greyscale in the printer’s driver turns everything into shades of white. This is useful for printing white directly onto dark media.

Key markets for the Pro7411WT include the garment decoration industry, packaging, signage & label producers, event stationers, as well as producers of branded or customised merchandise.  According to Antonio Leone,  Marketing Manager for OKI Data ANZ, “the ability to print white on a desktop digital printer adds a level of versatility that will deliver unprecedented flexibility to end-users. The Pro7411WT  demonstrates OKI’s further commitment to the Pro-series group of products  and the graphic arts market”.

The Pro7411WT is backed by the peace of mind of a three year warranty upon user registration. It is priced from AUD$5481 ex GST / NZD$6212 ex GST, and is available through accredited OKI Pro Series dealers across Australia and New Zealand

About OKI

OKI is a global manufacturer of business printers and MFP’s. OKI Data Australia commenced operations in 2009 following the acquisition from long-time master agent and distributor, IPL.  OKI Data New Zealand was established in October 2015, following the announcement by OKI’s then master distributor in New Zealand - Comworth Technologies, to realign its business focus and exit distribution. Over 30 years ago OKI pioneered LED printing technology, an advanced form of printing using fewer parts compared with the more widely known laser printing.  This in turn provides many benefits to users including longer product life, fewer operational issues, increased reliability and better image quality over the entire life of the print engine.  All OKI LED printer products are backed by 3 years warranty*

*Upon customer registration, within 30 days of purchase.