Today's MFP and Your Business

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Your multifunction printer (MFP) has all the operations you need for your company - print, copy, scan, fax, etc. But can it do those things in the way you need them? It's essential that your business processes are updated, even when your devices already are.

Updating Print: Mobile Printing and the MFP

The mfp is a highly functional device for any workplace, as long as you are using all the features that you can. For example, at least 20% of today's workforce works from home at some point, and almost 50% of workers report regularly working "on-the-go." Have you confirmed that these employees have everything they need to be efficient and productive?

Many employees report that access to more mobile-friendly options is the effort that would allow them to be more productive at work.

Mobile options include document management, offsite security access, and mobile print. We'll dive into mobile print here today.

What is mobile print?

Mobile print allows employees to print documents from their smartphone or other mobile device from anywhere.

Does it work with our MFP?

MFPs that have mobile printing features are available, and you definitely want to check if your mfp already has this feature if you bought it somewhat recently.

If you're not sure or you want to research a machine that has mobile print capabilities (and how to properly integrate it into your network), contact a trusted, reliable dealer like Newcastle Business Technology Group to know exactly what you need.

How can mobile printing help your business?

A print environment that supports mobile printing saves employees time and saves your company money. Employees don't need to come in just to print a document or stop at the office between meetings.

It's estimated that almost 1billion employee-owned devices are used for work already. It's time to meet your employees where they are.

How do we get started?

Get in touch with Newcastle Business Technology Group. We have all the information, resources, and professional experience you need to update your print system.