Use Document Management to Simplify Collaboration

Document Management

Collaboration is more than just a buzzword thrown around at quarterly meetings—it's a necessity into today's competitive business world. But the modern office can sometimes make collaboration harder rather than easier. Why is that?

A classic example of collaboration breakdown is when a group works on a document together: maybe it's a budget, a report, or a new company policy. One copy starts with Jim and Sue's outline, which is then emailed to the six other group members. Two members print it out and make edits with a pen, while three save it to their desktop and make edits without tracking their changes, while one member tracks changes and emails back a new version. At this point, the document exists in so many different forms with the various edits that no one knows exactly how to reconcile it all and end up with a clean, collaborative document.

Document Management Makes Collaboration Simple

Enter document management. It's a simple solution for a not-so-simple problem that will make collaboration in your office a breeze. Here are a few of the ways document management helps you work together.

  1. Version control: Document management puts all of your files into one central place and records vital information about each one of them, including who made edits at what time. With this kind of version control, you can go back to a previous version as needed or compare edits easily.

  2. Simple editing tools: With commenting, red-lining, changes tracking, and other advanced editing controls, document management makes it easier to work as a team.

  3. Better security: It's simply not secure to have sensitive documents floating around the office on multiple desks and multiple computers. A document management system makes it easier to keep your information in one secure location.

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