Cleaning Your MFP

Consider the size of your office and how many people come in contact with your multi-function printer (MFP). Not only is it used at high capacity it sees a lot of physical traffic. To extend the life of your MFP, read how regular maintenance and cleaning can go a long way.


Organizing Before Implementing Document Management

The purpose of document management is to secure documents digitally in an organized manner. Before you can go about successfully transitioning your office to a document management system, it is helpful to prepare beforehand. Here are three steps to take now.

Improve Your Office With Managed Print

If someone could analyze the printing practices of your office and help minimize your costs, would you let them? Managed print is exactly that service. If you have not considered the benefits of managed print, then you are missing out on the opportunity to save money by tracking printer usage, evaluate office machine effectiveness, and tighten up supply ordering.

Why Won’t My Printer Print?

Nothing is worse than being on a roll at the office only to find that when you go to print your project, the printer won’t print. Everyone loves technology unless it’s the one day we have steam pouring out our ears because we can’t get a machine to work. This frustration usually occurs because the hold up has come out of nowhere. Nothing was dropped or spilled on; it just stopped working. While this is an annoyingly common occurrence, walking through a few steps can help get you back on track.

3 Ways a Multi-Function Printer Will Make Your Life Easier

If you’re on the fence about buying a multi-function printer (MFP), maybe you haven’t thought about the features that can increase productivity in your workplace. Merging all your processes into one machine can make daily life easier for a few reasons. The following is a highlight of three:


How Document Management Helps With Audit Preparation

New technological ideas can be hard to grasp, especially when they are intangible. Cloud computing is one of those out of sight systems. So what is cloud computing? The expression ‘cloud’ is another way to describe the internet. Instead of solely relying on a computer's hard drive, documents are uploaded and stored on the web.

Managed Print Can Make a Difference

We all want to feel helpful and that we are not acting detrimentally in any way. Managed Print is a way that you can improve your printing process while lowering your impact on the environment. To begin a successful print management program start by tracking and analyzing usage. A discussion of your printing processes will showcase how your office can be less wasteful and more productive through managed print.

Printer Services and All of Their Benefits

printer repair

No matter the size of your business or the services you offer, you have a printer. Most companies have quite a few printers, all different models on different floors, in need of various printer cartridges and paper. With all of the details that go into your printer fleet, we would like to suggest something: print services. They comprehensively reduce your printing, the related expenses, and also give you consistent support when things go wrong.

Time for a New MFP? Here's What to Look For


It may have been developing for the last few months; more and more employees complain about the amount of time they spend trying to use your printers, only to waste time, ink, paper and use up a lot of frustration. Whether your printer just isn't cutting it any more, or you realise that you need a multifunctional printer to meet all of your needs, we are here to help. It is, after all, a big investment and a big decision that will impact your entire office in one way or another.

Digitising without Organising? What's the Point?

document management

If you have started to digitise your documents by scanning each one and getting ready to store it, congratulations! It is a wonderful thing to get rid of file cabinets, eliminate paper cuts, and reduce paper usage. But as you embark on this journey, it is important to remember that digitising is pointless without organisation. Luckily, we can offer a solution that is a lot easier than stuffing your computers with folder upon folder, taking up every ounce of space.

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