Improving Your Business Through Managed Print

Managed Print

As a business owner or manager, you are likely always on the lookout for ways to improve your business and increase efficiency and revenue. I mean, that's why you are reading this blog, right? So now that we have your attention and know why, we'll get down to the point. Managed print services can seriously improve and benefit your business. There are several different ways that managed print accomplishes that, so we will elaborate.

Is Your Printer Costing Your Money?

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On an average day, your primary concern with your printing is whether it is working and can print your next job. Taking a moment to step back, though, is your printer costing you more than it should? Some models, particularly older ones, can cost an office significantly more than a newer, more efficient model. But how can you really tell if your printer is costing you more than it needs to from day to day? We can help you with that.

Security Starts Here: Your Multifunctional Printer


How do you feel about security in your office? We aren't talking about building security; we are talking about document security. You may feel confident that your business is at the height of document security, making sure that patient or client confidentiality is upheld perfectly. In this modern world, however, some extra liabilities have been added to your business. Have you considered the security of your printers? As technology has increased and the number of printers needed to run a medium to large sized business has increased, so has the risk to documents.


What Does Solid Document Management Look Like?

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So you have made a choice to employ document management! That is an exciting move that is sure to benefit your business in a great way. Document management has proven itself time and time again as a great add-on to the productive office. But now that you have decided that you are ready to enjoy the benefits associated with document management, how do you choose the right provider?

Managed Print for Nonprofits

Managed Print

As a nonprofit manager or owner, you know how important it is to keep operation costs reasonably low in order to funnel the majority of donations and grants into helping those in need. This means you really have to be creative when it comes to costs like facility up-keep, computers, and even your printer fleet. Most businesses need to print a large amount each day, and nonprofits are no exception. Depending on how you run your nonprofit, you may depend upon quality prints for direct mail marketing to ask for donations.

How to Dispose of Old Copiers and Printers

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Your copier has worked hard for some time now; maybe it has been a great machine, maybe you have come close to taking a baseball bat to the paper jamming thing. Whatever the case, it is time for a new printer. Of course, there is a lot to consider when it comes to buying your new printer, but there is another aspect of this situation that you should not forget. How do you plan to dispose of your older printer? We would like to give you some of the best options to make sure that you can pave the way for a great new printer and properly dispose of the old model.

Are Your Copiers and Printers Helping You Go Paperless?

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In the healthcare industry, nothing is more cumbersome than paperwork. And yet, nearly every step in a patient's care involves some paperwork, a reality that every business in the healthcare industry is well acquainted with. Providing fast, accessible care to patients requires efficient document processes.

Digital Document Security

Managed Print

At this point in the business age, paper documents stored in filing rooms, cabinets and desk trays should really be a thing of the past, something we remember without too much fondness. We are at the point with technology that most workers are either remote at various points throughout the work day or even completely independent, working from different states even. Having a paper copy of a document be the only copy is also dangerous when it comes to theft or natural disasters. If that piece is lost, it is simply lost.

Printers: To Repair or Replace, That Is the Question

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When your printer gets tired, how do you know if it is a good candidate for repair or if it is time to replace it? Depending on the specifics, repair can be a cost-effective, efficient option to prolong the life of a still viable printer.

Questions and Answers

Before you decide on printer repair or replacement, ask the following questions:

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