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No matter what business you are in, all office workers can agree that finding a reliable printer that has all the features they want can be a difficult task. Often, workers experience more problems with their printers which end up making a two-minute project into a 30 minute one. The black and white multifunctional devices in the ineo lineup provide people with a dependable and easy to use piece of equipment that will ultimately boost your companies productivity instead of hindering it.

The multifunctional office devices in the ineo lineup focus completely on the user. Not only are they incredibly easy to use, but they also offer many of the features that align with everyday office tasks. In utilising a device that can do all these things for you, employees will have a much smoother workday allowing them to get more done. Now who wouldn’t want that?

The customisable panel of the ineo multifunctional devices can be useful for all types of professionals in many different business environments. It’s easy to use interface allows for the user to customise the main screen to their liking. With various security possibilities such as passwords, finger scanning, and smart cards, there is never a question of safety. Utilising flick, drag & drop, and pinch in & out functions it makes it incredibly easy to learn. No matter what your specific needs are, the enhanced technology of this device allows for not only individual operating panels but various app integration to create an added customisation element.

One of the highlights of the ineo line is the smartphone-style operability. With almost everyone having a smartphone these days, users should have no problems navigating and printing jobs with complete ease. Theses devices function with smartphone or tablet users in mind. The operating system is built so that all users, experienced or not, feel comfortable using this type of office equipment.

When it comes to performance, the ineo 554e is the best in its class. Printing up to 160 images per minute there is not a question of the level of productivity that will happen in your office. Spending time converting documents is a way of the past. The ineo line allows you as the user to directly scan a document into whatever file you would like. Whether it be Word (.doxc), Excel (.xlsx), PowerPoint (.pptx) or searchable PDF, this will cut down on unnecessary time in your day.

Booklet making, hole punching, stapling, banner printing and letter folding functions ensure that almost any job gets done. Producing prints in crystal clear 1,200 dpi ensure a fine tuned, accurate image worth showing off.

Going the extra mile, DEVELOPS’s software solutions takes the manual work out of sharing documents and allows you to search quickly for them when you need them. With convert+share, it makes it easy to scan a document into the format of your choosing and then send to Google Docs, Evernote, or whatever location you desire.

As we all know, more and more companies today are beginning to take responsibility for their eco footprint. With that said, DEVELOP’s ineo devices are leaders in the industry by providing systems that cut power consumption by over 40% compared to competing providers. Having this type of equipment in your office is not only saving your company money and increasing your companies green credentials, but it also allows you to make a personal impact on the environment.