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Organising before implementing Document Management

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The purpose of document management is to secure documents digitally in an organized manner. Before you can go about successfully transitioning your office to a document management system, it is helpful to prepare beforehand. Here are three steps to take now.

Declutter: Separate the junk from the crucial as it will save time in the long run. Document management aims to unburden you from the need for mass physical storage. Sort through your files and decide what needs to be kept and what can be securely destroyed. If you don’t need the document filed away digitally, then it does not need to be taking up space in your office.

Organise folders: Once you have decided what needs to be kept, the scanner comes into play. Scan documents to convert them into digital files and then sort them away appropriately. If you are using an MFP to scan your documents read about how to secure your MFP. You can always restructure how your folders are organized, but this initial process of document management will set the tone for how employees should store their documents.

Security: This part of the organization process is when you decide how to protect your documents. Security of documents takes place a couple of different ways. Protecting files from natural disasters that may destroy physical documents is one occurrence. And while a benefit of document management eases team collaboration, you are also able to control which employees have access to what documents. Decide access levels in advance to avoid confusion.

Having a plan before you enact document management within your office is a great idea. You want to go into a new system in a methodical and efficient manner. If you would like to learn more about document management, contact us today!