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New technological ideas can be hard to grasp, especially when they are intangible. Cloud computing is one of those out of sight systems. So what is cloud computing? The expression ‘cloud’ is another way to describe the internet. Instead of solely relying on a computer’s hard drive, documents are uploaded and stored on the web.

The term is ever present, and it has solidified its place in business practices by becoming a part of the workflow. Document management can reap all the benefits of cloud technology. You can now start with paper then scan to digital then store on the cloud. This is obviously in addition to your hard drive. While this may seem like an extra step, there are numerous benefits to using cloud technology. Here are three reasons to start using cloud technology:


Archiving is a secure way to store your data that you do not access frequently. It is secured online in the event of a natural disaster or any event that may destroy real documents and hard drives.


The cloud is a secure place to store your data when you have preventive measures in place. This includes passwords, encryption, and different access privileges.


By far, the best part about the cloud is the ability for multiple people or groups to access a project from separate areas. Instead of waiting for an email to get passed around, all involved parties can access the cloud simultaneously to collaborate on a project.

Document management creates an efficient workflow of organized data. If you are not utilizing the cloud in this workflow, then you are stopping a step short. The cloud is an additional place to store long term data that is safe from physical harm and can be programmed to be secure from unwanted visitors. Also, the most productive way to work on a project is to work together, and the cloud gives your team the tool to do just that. As you are improving your business and implementing a document management system find out how we can help.