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Finding the Perfect MFP for your Business

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A new multifunction printer can be a game changer for your business. From increased productivity and data security to streamlined digital workflows, there’s a lot to love about an MFP. But before you run out and purchase the first device you lay eyes on, check out these tips to make sure the multifunction system you end up with is the right one for your needs.

Listing your primary MFP needs (copy, print, scan, and fax) is a good place to begin, but don’t stop there! The right MFP features for your company’s requirements may not be included in every device you encounter, so it pays to take some extra time. First, find out what’s available; there may be brand new technologies on the market that you’d like to try. It’s also a smart move to talk with your staff. Some of them may have unique requirements that MFP technology may be able to solve. Don’t close your eyes on the brands you may not know. These niche brands usually specialise in their particular technology and can mostly offer you the best solutions for your business. Oki, Develop, Kyocera and Avision are all perfect examples of manufacturers who don’t make TV’s, Stereo’s, Cameras, PC’s and Refrigerators. They only specialise in Printers, Scanners and Multifunction Devices.

Is the MFP you’re considering the best buy? The initial purchase price can be deceiving, and low-end devices are notorious for using up outrageous amounts of expensive toner or ink. Look closely at ongoing costs to find out the total cost of ownership and how soon you can expect a return on your investment. If the numbers don’t add up, keep looking until you find a manufacturer that combines quality and a TCO your budget can handle.

Online reviews and testimonials have changed the way consumers make purchasing decisions, so tap into this veritable goldmine of information to find out what others say about the MFP and technology provider you’re considering. Find a technology partner who looks out for your business interests for the whole sales cycle, not just when you are in the market to purchase.

No matter which MFP you decide on, choosing the right equipment provider is just as critical. To find out how the right MFP combined with superior support can transform the way you do business, contact us at Newcastle Business Technology today!