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How to Prevent Copier and Printer jams

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Summertime is nearly over and today and the rest of this week it is supposed to rain and you know what that means!!!

….copier jams.

Copier jams can be a major cause of frustration during your work day. However have you ever noticed that you have more copier jams (also know as copier misfeeds) in the hot humid summer months and on rainy days, more so than at any other times during the year?

The main reason for this may be the way that you store your copier paper. I recommend in most cases that you store your paper within the packaging in comes in. You see the packaging usually has a plastic inside lining that protects the paper while ever it is closed. The main problems however occur when the paper packet has been opened.

This is when it is susceptible to humidity. Some people like to store their paper in a closet or warehouse space on a open shelf and this may very well be the reason you’re having jams.

The fibers of the copier paper absorb the humidity (water) from the air and the paper becomes a bit more slippery. The way that copiers feed paper through the machine is with small rubber rollers. If the paper becomes moist and slippery the rubber rollers can slip over the paper thus causing a jam.

The other problem with moist paper is that it can start to curl at the edges. This will also cause jams. You see this after it has printed a single sided sheet thru the copier. If however you are double siding, the the curl is in the paper after the first side is printed, there is a better than average chance you will get a paper jam.

I recommend that you store your paper in a dry place, off the ground if at all possible. Try keeping your paper in a large plastic tub with a lid, away from the humidity and use a product like “Damp Rid” or another type of Silica Gel . You know the stuff that you see in bathrooms that capture the moisture/water in a container, about the size of a noodle container.

Place this Damp Rid in a plastic tub or even on top of a shelf in a closed cupboard. Make sure you close the opening of the paper packet. If you’re having trouble finding a dry spot in your office consider buying a small dehumidifier and placing it in the same room where you’ll be storing the paper.

Another great way in summer to keep the paper dry in your office is to use your air conditioning. The air conditioning removes moisture from the air in your office and usually drips it thru a pipe outside.

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