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Increase Sales with a POS System

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A managed point-of-sale (POS) system can make or break a retail-based business—it is a straight-forward, cost-effective, and efficient way to bundle your hardware, software, and tech support into one system. By linking all checkout terminals to a main computer, it’s an ideal way to organize and manage sales. If you own a restaurant, bar, hotel, cafe or retail store and want to save money and increase sales, then a managed POS system is the solution for you.

The biggest benefit of a managed POS system is ease of use. The system is created with a user-friendly interface. The easier it is for your employees to use, the more accurate the data collected is.

POS systems also offer various ways to track pricing, including add-on amounts, percentage of cost, margins, volume discounts, etc. In addition, you can easily track inventory since once a product or barcode is scanned, your inventory and accountable are automatically updated.


Your hospitality business may need to become more efficient with its table service. Implementing waiter tablets or even better still – offer your customers a app interface where they can order from their phone while instore or at home. Your own online website interface showing your menu to the world. Gain a new market by offering home delivery to your customers.

With a managed POS, you can record all sales data, track and analyze sales, and recognize trends. POS’s record data in real time, so they are always up to date, and they are able to gather much more detailed information than manual systems. This accuracy allows you track/adjust inventory and order supplies based on current sales and seasonal trends. Plus, implementing add-on features like general ledger and accounting tools enables you to stay on top of your cash flow.

Our customized point-of-sale systems allow you to truly take of control of your business—empowering you as a business owner! For more information on how Newcastle Business Technology Group can help manage your POS, contact us today!