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When a printer is down, the effects ripple throughout the entire office. While mechanical errors will require servicing there are printer repair issues that are just a quick fix away. Read on to learn how you can fix some common printer problems without any help.

If Your Printer Is Jammed To start, turn your printer off. You don’t want any moving parts while you have your fingers working on the equipment. Then open all the doors leading to the paper path. Carefully remove the paper that was stuck as well as any smaller pieces as these can cause further problems. When you turn the printer on it should reset itself and resume printing regularly. To prevent future paper jams only use one type of paper at a time and make sure the printer will take the paper you are feeding it.

If Your Prints are Wrinkled The first thing to look for if your documents are wrinkled when they print is an obstruction in the paper path. Verify that the pathway is free from a paper jam or other obstructions. Second, make sure you are using the correct paper type. If your printer does not support the paper you are using it will not fit correctly and thus become wrinkled.

If There are Lines On Your Prints Horizontal lines on prints could mean low ink levels. Check your levels from the control panel and replace the cartridge if needed. Another fix for lines is increasing your print quality under settings.

If You’re Having Ink Problems It’s common to run into ink problems if you are not using manufacturer recommended cartridges. For best practise always use the highest quality ink and toner.

Don’t let the frustration of a down printer ruin your day. A simple fix should do the trick to get you back up and running. For more information on device malfunctions, contact us today!