LS-5840 Scale Labels


CAS LS Thermal Label Rolls come pre-printed in red with $, $/kg, Packed, Use by Dates and Weight. 2 different sizes available. Sold by carton, each carton containing 30 rolls.



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Pre-printed labels come with captions such as PACKED ON, USE BY, NET(kg), $/kg, $ PRICE already printed on the label. The scale then fills in the information needed. These labels reduce the amount of wear on the thermal print head as only the basic information is printed. These labels use factory installed templates that can’t be altered.

Available in two different sizes and the option of RED or BLUE colour.

• LS-5840(R/B) Small Size: 58mm x 40mm
• LS-5860(R/B) Medium Size: 58mm x 60mm


Model LS-5840 LS-5860
 Label Size (mm) 58(W) x 40(H) 58(W) x 60(H)
 Labels per Roll 750 Labels 500 Labels
 Rolls per carton 30 Rolls
 Labels per Carton 22,500 labels 15,000 labels
 Roll Diameter (mm) 87
 Inner Core (mm) 40
 Pre-Printed Info Colour: Red
$, $/kg, Packed & Use by Dates, Weight