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Investing in an MFP: What are Your Options?


Every office needs a printer, copier, scanner and faxing machine. Really though - four devices? Well, no. Luckily, the multifunction printer (MFP) is the answer to all these needs in one streamlined, space-saving device.

But what if you're not ready to buy, or the investment doesn't make sense for your business long-term? There are great options to lease an MFP as well. Below, we'll discuss which is better for you - leasing or buying.

Printers: To Repair or Replace, That Is the Question

printer repair

When your printer gets tired, how do you know if it is a good candidate for repair or if it is time to replace it? Depending on the specifics, repair can be a cost-effective, efficient option to prolong the life of a still viable printer.

Questions and Answers

Before you decide on printer repair or replacement, ask the following questions:

A Printer and Copier for the Modern Business


Here at Newcastle Business Technology Group, we pride ourselves on partnering with only the best in the industry. When we partner with a business, you can be sure that it's because we believe they're the best in the industry at what they do. Providing these quality products to our customers is just one of the ways that we ensure that our services and devices will improve your business.

Your IT Department's 4 Favorite Managed Print Services Perks

Managed Print

They're your favourite nerds, your go-to geniuses, your tech gurus—your IT department. Your company's IT department or external IT supplier may be one of the most crucial contacts to your businesses daily operations, keeping things running smoothly and giving everyone the tools they need to do their jobs. Without your IT department, you probably couldn't function.

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