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3 Things to Consider about Printer Repair Before You Buy

printer repair

Planning to upgrade your printer soon? Before you get a new machine, check out the repair system for any equipment you have your eye on. Although repair is not what you think about as you buy a new piece of equipment, it’s prudent to realise that at some point you will need repairs, and you want to have an idea of how smooth the system will run.

Minimize Printer Downtime With Preventative Maintenance

preventive maintenance

Your printers and multifunction systems are directly connected to workplace efficiency. When these systems go down, it's difficult to keep projects moving forward.

Regular maintenance is critical to minimize disruptions to your business processes. Read on for some tips to maximise printer uptime.

Plan Ahead to Avoid Unexpected Downtime

Businessman Planning Ahead in a Large Field

There's a lot to be said for routine maintenance. Regular check-ups and fast responses to issues can keep your printers and copiers in top condition, serving your needs for several years.

If it's been a while since you've contacted your printer repair providers, here's why now is a good time to give them a call.

Retiring an Old Copier? Do This First!

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You've finally faced the facts and admitted that your aging multifunction system is no longer able to keep up with your business demands, and printer repair costs are higher than the value of the device. Before you decide to move forward with an upgrade, there are a few things you'll need to put on your to-do list.

5 Tips for Finding Great Printer Repair Service

When you're ready to choose new copiers and printers for your business, you know how important it is to do your research. You want a technology provider that offers major brands and is well-established in the community. When everything is weighed in the balance, a reputation for good service and excellent printer repair is every bit as important as which device you choose.

Quick Tricks to Fix a Broken Printer

When a printer is down, the effects ripple throughout the entire office. While mechanical errors will require servicing there are printer repair issues that are just a quick fix away. Read on to learn how you can fix some common printer problems without any help.

Avoid Printer Repairs with Regular Cleaning

Don’t underestimate the importance of cleaning your printer regularly. Over time ink, dust, and debris can add up and cause unnecessary repairs. Most printers are low maintenance and only require a quick wipe down with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

How to Clean Your Printer

Before you begin the cleaning process, turn off and unplug your printer. Your hands will be in small spaces where you don’t want parts moving around. Wait for the printer to cool down and then you can start.

3 Printer Problems You Can Fix

Nothing is more frustrating than a printer that refuses to work. While beating your equipment may be what you want to do, it is probably the least effective. There are some easy fixes that will get your printer running normally again.

4 Reasons You Should Leave Printer Repair to the Pros

While we like to think that taking care of printer repair problems ourselves is the quicker easier solution, that’s not always the case. Even if you routinely maintain your printer and know how to keep it clean malfunctions are bound to happen. Next time you want to dive in and fix your printer yourself reconsider for these four reasons.

Why Won’t My Printer Print?

Nothing is worse than being on a roll at the office only to find that when you go to print your project, the printer won’t print. Everyone loves technology unless it’s the one day we have steam pouring out our ears because we can’t get a machine to work. This frustration usually occurs because the hold up has come out of nowhere. Nothing was dropped or spilled on; it just stopped working. While this is an annoyingly common occurrence, walking through a few steps can help get you back on track.

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